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Apostles Infographic

Apostles Infographic


Put out into the deep

Duc in Altum
Video for annual Charity and Stewardship Appeal. Proud to a member of this diocese and inspired to do more. Also, a nice reference to Matthew Kelly’s “Four Signs”.

Fr. Barron on Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Fr. Barron on Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Fr. Barron always has great commentaries. But in this particular commentary he discusses a great man who hopefully will be canonized in coming years. A man of great virtue, devotion and virility for us to imitate.

Second Miracle Medically Approved for JPII


Possible canonization party this October!

Fr. Riccardo Golden Key

One Outline to Rule Them All

Someone did a superb job in organizing all of Fr. Riccardo’s podcasts into an outline format. I guarantee you will find something here that you love.

Bishop Conley – Ecclesia Semper Reformanda Est

Bishop Conley – Ecclesia Semper Reformanda Est

I’m a bit late in finding/posting this, but Bishop Conley takes us on a deeply thought out tour of where the Church has come from, what we are working through now and our path forward.

Take some time to sit with a favorite drink and digest this one.

Grace in The Sandlot

Grace in The Sandlot

Finding God in the incomparably great film: The Sandlot.

Cults and Common Sense

Cults and Common Sense

Fr. Longenecker lays out some insightful questions we should continually ask ourselves with regards to our involvement in various groups. Could TMIY be (or turn into) a cult? How about The Linklings?

Bishop Bruskewitz’s Lincoln Legacy

Bishop Bruskewitz’s Lincoln Legacy

National article touching on the legacy of Bishop Bruskewitz.

Who Hijacked My Fantasy Genre?


Article about a new book with a twist on a much beloved classic . . . and not a good twist.