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Global Adoration Hour

Global Adoration Hour

Pope Francis will lead a Global Adoration Hour June 2nd from 5-6PM Vatican Time (10-11AM Central)


The Twinkification of American Education

Common Core

Seen a few articles lately on this topic, but seems to be under the radar nationally. Nebraska, along with Texas and Virginia, continue to sit on the outside of this “party”. Seems to be a slippery slope and has the potential for being a vehicle to control the masses, but that might just be the view from the articles that I have read. What say you?

Mormons & Pixar


I am a Pixar fan and admire Mormons’ ability to raise their kids to live lives in accordance with their faith. Wish we could have similar success in this area.

Easter Faith, Easter Reasons

Easter Faith, Easter Reasons

I resisted posting this right after Easter. However, now is a good time to revisit as a few of the followers of the blog are reading through Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week (specifically the final chapters on the death and resurrection). This from Fr. Faulkner of the Diocese of Lincoln.

Fulton Sheen on Elisabeth & Felix Leseur

Fulton Sheen on Elisabeth & Felix Leseur

At the attached page there is audio of Fulton Sheen discussing marriage. Towards the end he uses the example of Elisabeth & Felix Leseur (who was discussed in year two of TMIY).

The Sea Within Trailer

Disclaimer: Given my less than stellar coordination and status as a lifelong midwesterner, this recommendation is a bit like Martha Stewart raving about the 30 for 30 on Bo Jackson.

Nevertheless, I recommend the short documentary The Sea Within (preview above, link to video below). Peter Kreeft is in his usual superb form and there are some great reflections on the sea and surfing, but also on work and leisure and about generally finding God in the created world.

There is a link for the actual documentary at the end of the preview or here.

Another benefit of NFP

Another benefit of NFP

A perspective on NFP that I hadn’t given any thought to before.

Yosemite Sam


I have been a closet Simcha fan for the last few months, but can’t resist posting this one. It is too good to miss. Here is just one taste of her hilarity,

“The last several months have been really, really hard for people like me, who cling to outmoded prejudices against being crushed under hobnailed jackboots”.

Choose Your Blade – House of Heroes

This isn’t a traditional post, but I ran across some lyrics that I find pretty swell and remind me of The Great Divorce (the man with the red lizard).

It was a numinous night, wet and cold like the last week of autumn
I felt a shiver dividing my bones from the top to the bottom
And there were two of me then, one part flesh and the other a phantom

To the phantom I said, get behind me, ye vamp of Diablo
It said, you speak out of turn, I am born of the shadow inside you
And I have lived in your heart and with it I’ve become quite accustomed 

Choose your blade, we shall dance in the blood and the rain
I grow sick of your whispered betrayals
Go where the dead go, tu estas muerto
Choose your blade, I won’t be held as a prisoner of shame
I grow sick of your lies and your games
Get thee behind me, you shall not bind me 

It was a coward’s decision when I offered you sanctuary
I knew it, right then and there that our cartel would be my undoing
But I, rationalized and believed every mangled half truth

Choose your blade…

Seven Point Checklist for Catholic Dads – Randy Hain

Seven Point Checklist for Catholic Dads – Randy Hain

This isn’t revolutionary, but I love it because it stresses intentionality and awareness.