Choose Your Blade – House of Heroes

This isn’t a traditional post, but I ran across some lyrics that I find pretty swell and remind me of The Great Divorce (the man with the red lizard).

It was a numinous night, wet and cold like the last week of autumn
I felt a shiver dividing my bones from the top to the bottom
And there were two of me then, one part flesh and the other a phantom

To the phantom I said, get behind me, ye vamp of Diablo
It said, you speak out of turn, I am born of the shadow inside you
And I have lived in your heart and with it I’ve become quite accustomed 

Choose your blade, we shall dance in the blood and the rain
I grow sick of your whispered betrayals
Go where the dead go, tu estas muerto
Choose your blade, I won’t be held as a prisoner of shame
I grow sick of your lies and your games
Get thee behind me, you shall not bind me 

It was a coward’s decision when I offered you sanctuary
I knew it, right then and there that our cartel would be my undoing
But I, rationalized and believed every mangled half truth

Choose your blade…


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