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Marital Bliss or Marital Miss? – Jim Jansen

Marital Bliss or Marital Miss? – Jim Jansen

Great talk by Jim Jansen from the Diocese of Lincoln Catholic Coffee House series. Touches a number of topics but great thoughts.


Four Best Beards in History of Christendom

Four Best Beards in History of Christendom

All of these are quite enjoyable, though I had never heard of the anecdote abut Thomas More.

(ironically posted by a guy who can’t grow a lick)


I wasn’t able to make Edward Sri’s talk at St. Michael’s this week, but heard from a few priests that he also gave a talk for the priest study day. He discussed a new initiative from the Augustine Institute for evangelization. Check it out: Symbolon

Looks very promising. He said it would remind people of Catholicism videos, but seems a bit deeper.

Bishop Conley – Return of the King


Bishop Conley referencing LOTR and our need to pray for the souls in purgatory.