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Fr. Barron Parable of the Talents

Word on Fire

A different take on the Parable of the Talents that could change your perspective.


JD Flynn – Richard Dawkins Response

Down’s Syndrome

Beautiful response by JD Flynn to a recent twitter post by Richard Dawkins

CS Lewis Doodle Videos


Awesome doodle videos of CS Lewis material. Added bonus . . . Andy Serkis!

Feast of the Holy Family

Here is a great article on families based on the readings from yesterday’s feast.

Msgr. Charles Pope

Love the analogy of setting your ladder up against the wrong wall. What are we climbing towards and what are we teaching our kids to climb towards? Did we even set the ladder on the right wall?


I wasn’t able to make Edward Sri’s talk at St. Michael’s this week, but heard from a few priests that he also gave a talk for the priest study day. He discussed a new initiative from the Augustine Institute for evangelization. Check it out: Symbolon

Looks very promising. He said it would remind people of Catholicism videos, but seems a bit deeper.

Bishop Conley – Return of the King


Bishop Conley referencing LOTR and our need to pray for the souls in purgatory.

Journal Star Response – Call to Action

Jean Timmerman

This was the response by a St. Theresa’s parishioner to the Call to Action book and subsequent article that was critical of Bishop Bruskewitz and the Lincoln Diocese.

Fr. Kilcawley homily on Prodigal Son

Kergyma in one parable

Father speaks on the gospel from September 15 and intertwines the Kergyma with the reality of our lives a sons and daughters of God.