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Scott Hahn on the New Evangelization (and the need for beautiful marriages)

Courtesy of Diocese of Lincoln website – more talks here:


Gimli tells the Nativity story

Actor John Rhys-Davies (who played Gimli) narrated the Nativity story from Luke 2.

One Fast Shepherd

“Some of the greatest saints our Church has ever known will come out of this time period. Right now. Now, they might not look the same, they might have more holes than God gave them and be covered in tattoo ink… In fact, some of the greatest saints our Church will ever know are currently atheists. How’s that for blowing your mind? Because if Church history taught us anything it’s that God is not done. Those sheep are going to keep running, but the shepherd will run faster.”

– Mark Hart 

“In a special w…

“In a special way, I would like to greet today, being fathers’ day, all parents, all fathers… I ask for you the grace to be ever closer to your children, allow them to grow, but be close, close! They need you, your presence, your closeness, your love. May you be for them as St Joseph was: guardians of their growth in age, wisdom and grace. May you guard them on their journey: be educators and walk with them. And by this closeness you will be true educators. Thank you for all you do for your children: thank you. Best wishes to you, and a happy fathers’ day to all fathers here, and to all fathers. May St Joseph bless you and accompany you.”

– Pope Francis

General Audience on the feast of St. Joseph

Taylor Marshall Podcast

Taylor Marshall Podcast

I haven’t popped by Taylor Marshall’s blog for awhile but I was pleased to find that he has a number of podcasts. They are quite good listening.

The Language of Love

Bishop Conley offers up a great pastoral letter to families on contraception.

Written text here.

Audio format here.

As usual – great stuff from Bishop Conley. A huge blessing to our Diocese.

Fr. Larry – on fire…

Fr. Larry – on fire…

Found this audio of a recent Parish Mission that Fr. Larry gave. Boy is he on fire in it, the sabbatical last year must have done him well. God bless him and his ministry. As for you: listen to it!

Integrated Life: Love & Responsibility

Integrated Life: Love & Responsibility

I’ve recommended Dr. Ed Sri’s book: Men, Women and the Mystery of Love to a few guys. If you are curious but want bite size portions, you should check out and track the series linked above on the Integrated Catholic Life website. Great info and he breaks down the concepts so well.