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Feast of the Holy Family

Here is a great article on families based on the readings from yesterday’s feast.

Msgr. Charles Pope

Love the analogy of setting your ladder up against the wrong wall. What are we climbing towards and what are we teaching our kids to climb towards? Did we even set the ladder on the right wall?


Four Best Beards in History of Christendom

Four Best Beards in History of Christendom

All of these are quite enjoyable, though I had never heard of the anecdote abut Thomas More.

(ironically posted by a guy who can’t grow a lick)

Bishop Conley – Return of the King


Bishop Conley referencing LOTR and our need to pray for the souls in purgatory.

Prayer: Just do It

Two sources of food for thought:

As usual, Dr. Kreeft offers great thoughts about the most most important first steps into a prayer life.

And, an older Fr. Riccardo podcast that is a great perspective for men.

Mater Misericordiae Hospital

Mater Misericordiae Hospital

“In recent weeks, we’ve heard a great deal about the pastoral openness of Pope Francis. It is exciting.  But there are those who would distort the Holy Father’s message: those who would confuse love for laxity. Compassion is not undemanding permissiveness.  Mercy is not an enemy of truth.” – Bishop James Conley

Welcome to the Mansion!

Welcome to the Mansion!

This is a great analogy for all of the hullabaloo about Pope Francis’ interview with America Magazine.

(Poster’s note: I can’t promote the site as a whole since this is my first experience on it)

Journal Star Response – Call to Action

Jean Timmerman

This was the response by a St. Theresa’s parishioner to the Call to Action book and subsequent article that was critical of Bishop Bruskewitz and the Lincoln Diocese.

Peace Among Dragons

Peace Among Dragons

Bishop Conley reflects on the challenges in Syria.

Forming Intentional Disciples – Book Review

Snoring Scholar

This review seemed to capture some of the feelings I had after reading this book. I assume Kirk and Joseph will agree.

I feel like this book has given me a mission of sorts, a direction and a way to look. Yeah, I did have that before, but it wasn’t so well articulated.

Let them be born in wonder

Bishop Conley

“Our educational mission begins and ends with our potential for holiness.” Beautiful.