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Bishop Conley – Return of the King


Bishop Conley referencing LOTR and our need to pray for the souls in purgatory.


Mater Misericordiae Hospital

Mater Misericordiae Hospital

“In recent weeks, we’ve heard a great deal about the pastoral openness of Pope Francis. It is exciting.  But there are those who would distort the Holy Father’s message: those who would confuse love for laxity. Compassion is not undemanding permissiveness.  Mercy is not an enemy of truth.” – Bishop James Conley

Peace Among Dragons

Peace Among Dragons

Bishop Conley reflects on the challenges in Syria.

Let them be born in wonder

Bishop Conley

“Our educational mission begins and ends with our potential for holiness.” Beautiful.

Ariel Castro’s Addiction

Bishop Conley

Article on the sobering prevelance and effects of pornography in our culture.

Bishop Conley on Gosnell

Bishop Conley on Gosnell

Our great Bishop on the horrors of the Gosnell case and its inherent relationship to the contraceptive mentality.

“Kermit Gosnell looked at these “unwanted” lives, and saw burdens placed upon women. He was more ruthless than most, in his efforts to eliminate these living “burdens.” 

Most people do not share Gosnell’s ruthlessness. But many in our society seem to share his attitude: that human life is sometimes an inconvenient and unnecessary burden, rather than a sacred gift from God.”

Bishop Conley – Ecclesia Semper Reformanda Est

Bishop Conley – Ecclesia Semper Reformanda Est

I’m a bit late in finding/posting this, but Bishop Conley takes us on a deeply thought out tour of where the Church has come from, what we are working through now and our path forward.

Take some time to sit with a favorite drink and digest this one.