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Taylor Marshall Podcast

Taylor Marshall Podcast

I haven’t popped by Taylor Marshall’s blog for awhile but I was pleased to find that he has a number of podcasts. They are quite good listening.


First Things First – Peter Kreeft

First Things First – Peter Kreeft

New free talkĀ from Peter Kreeft.

The Language of Love

Bishop Conley offers up a great pastoral letter to families on contraception.

Written text here.

Audio format here.

As usual – great stuff from Bishop Conley. A huge blessing to our Diocese.

Fr. Larry – on fire…

Fr. Larry – on fire…

Found this audio of a recent Parish Mission that Fr. Larry gave. Boy is he on fire in it, the sabbatical last year must have done him well. God bless him and his ministry. As for you: listen to it!

Male Friendship

Male Friendship

Really great discussion on Men’s friendship by Fr. Riccardo (as usual). Especially fitting for sharing on here.

Marital Bliss or Marital Miss? – Jim Jansen

Marital Bliss or Marital Miss? – Jim Jansen

Great talk by Jim Jansen from the Diocese of Lincoln Catholic Coffee House series. Touches a number of topics but great thoughts.

Theology of the Body – Fr. Kilcawley

Theology of the Body – Fr. Kilcawley

I ran across this series from Fr. Kilcawley from awhile back. He presents T.O.B. in a very accessible and clear manner.

Prayer: Just do It

Two sources of food for thought:

As usual, Dr. Kreeft offers great thoughts about the most most important first steps into a prayer life.

And, an older Fr. Riccardo podcast that is a great perspective for men.

Fr. Kilcawley homily on Prodigal Son

Kergyma in one parable

Father speaks on the gospel from September 15 and intertwines the Kergyma with the reality of our lives a sons and daughters of God.