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Scott Hahn on the New Evangelization (and the need for beautiful marriages)

Courtesy of Diocese of Lincoln website – more talks here:


JD Flynn – Richard Dawkins Response

Down’s Syndrome

Beautiful response by JD Flynn to a recent twitter post by Richard Dawkins

Integrated Life: Love & Responsibility

Integrated Life: Love & Responsibility

I’ve recommended Dr. Ed Sri’s book: Men, Women and the Mystery of Love to a few guys. If you are curious but want bite size portions, you should check out and track the series linked above on the Integrated Catholic Life website. Great info and he breaks down the concepts so well.

One Billion Stories – Bishop James Conley

One Billion Stories – Bishop James Conley

I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t catch this video sooner. This video is very well done and the site (which I am new to) seems great too.


I wasn’t able to make Edward Sri’s talk at St. Michael’s this week, but heard from a few priests that he also gave a talk for the priest study day. He discussed a new initiative from the Augustine Institute for evangelization. Check it out: Symbolon

Looks very promising. He said it would remind people of Catholicism videos, but seems a bit deeper.

Rabbi-Disciple Relationship

Rabbi-Disciple Relationship

Keep an eye on this video series from Jeff Cavins. The first one is very good.

“Our personal e…

“Our personal encounter with Christ bathes life in new light, sets us on the right path, and sends us out to be his witnesses. This new way of looking at the world and at people, which comes to us from him, leads us more deeply into the mystery of faith, which is not just a collection of theoretical assertions to be accepted and approved by the mind, but an experience to be had, a truth to be lived, the salt and light of all reality (cf. Veritatis Splendor, 88).

In this secularized age, when many of our contemporaries think and act as if God did not exist or are attracted to irrational forms of religion, it is you, dear young people, who must show that faith is a personal decision which involves your whole life. Let the Gospel be the measure and guide of life’s decisions and plans!”

John Paul II to youth in anticipation of WYD 2002 in Toronto.

Marriage, Prayer and the Cross

Many of the current readers are attending the re-taped version of That Man is You, Light to the Nations (Year 2). It promises to be heavy on the married life. Related to that, here is a series of articles that, while discussing struggling marriages quite a bit, fit in beautifully with many of the topics addressed at the beginning of this TMIY year.

Marriage requires ardent prayer, prayer in which we allow Him to question us and in which we consider His answers anew.   This goes beyond methods of therapeutic meditation.  It is deeper than the effort to relax tension and manage anxiety.  It is not about surviving – it is about living life to the full.  It is a heart-to-heart, living encounter.  This kind of prayer requires that we pass beyond “self” and enter into a vulnerable silence in which we are completely open to the delicate touch of God.

Marriage, Prayer and the Cross (Part I of III)

Marriage, Prayer and the Cross (Part II of III)

Marriage, Prayer and the Cross (Part III of III)