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Gimli tells the Nativity story

Actor John Rhys-Davies (who played Gimli) narrated the Nativity story from Luke 2.


Fr. Barron Parable of the Talents

Word on Fire

A different take on the Parable of the Talents that could change your perspective.

CS Lewis Doodle Videos


Awesome doodle videos of CS Lewis material. Added bonus . . . Andy Serkis!

Curtis Martin – 4 O’clock Moment

Curtis Martin explaining the 4 O’Clock Moment

Eucharistic Adoration at World Youth Day

“Lord I Need You” by Matt Maher at Adoration in WYD Rio

WYD 2013 – 360º Video

WYD 2013 – 360º Video

#1 This video is just cool in its own right (a 360º video). But #2 It shows the immensity of 3.2M Catholics (mostly youth) gathering to see the Pope.

Eucharistic Adoration

Thought I’d toss this out there in case you haven’t seen it. It always makes me want to go get in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Sea Within Trailer

Disclaimer: Given my less than stellar coordination and status as a lifelong midwesterner, this recommendation is a bit like Martha Stewart raving about the 30 for 30 on Bo Jackson.

Nevertheless, I recommend the short documentary The Sea Within (preview above, link to video below). Peter Kreeft is in his usual superb form and there are some great reflections on the sea and surfing, but also on work and leisure and about generally finding God in the created world.

There is a link for the actual documentary at the end of the preview or here.