Fr. Larry – on fire…

Fr. Larry – on fire…

Found this audio of a recent Parish Mission that Fr. Larry gave. Boy is he on fire in it, the sabbatical last year must have done him well. God bless him and his ministry. As for you: listen to it!


Fulton Sheen Miracle Approved

Integrated Life: Love & Responsibility

Integrated Life: Love & Responsibility

I’ve recommended Dr. Ed Sri’s book: Men, Women and the Mystery of Love to a few guys. If you are curious but want bite size portions, you should check out and track the series linked above on the Integrated Catholic Life website. Great info and he breaks down the concepts so well.

Male Friendship

Male Friendship

Really great discussion on Men’s friendship by Fr. Riccardo (as usual). Especially fitting for sharing on here.

One Billion Stories – Bishop James Conley

One Billion Stories – Bishop James Conley

I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t catch this video sooner. This video is very well done and the site (which I am new to) seems great too.

Feast of the Holy Family

Here is a great article on families based on the readings from yesterday’s feast.

Msgr. Charles Pope

Love the analogy of setting your ladder up against the wrong wall. What are we climbing towards and what are we teaching our kids to climb towards? Did we even set the ladder on the right wall?

Marital Bliss or Marital Miss? – Jim Jansen

Marital Bliss or Marital Miss? – Jim Jansen

Great talk by Jim Jansen from the Diocese of Lincoln Catholic Coffee House series. Touches a number of topics but great thoughts.

Four Best Beards in History of Christendom

Four Best Beards in History of Christendom

All of these are quite enjoyable, though I had never heard of the anecdote abut Thomas More.

(ironically posted by a guy who can’t grow a lick)