Walking Toward Eternity – Walking Toward Eternity

Feedback from men of our group:

  • Walking Toward Eternity really helped me dive into Lectio Divina. It also was a tremendous resource to really reflect on the “why’s” of the virtues and how to get a better perspective of my faith.
  • This format has provided the best framework I have seen on teaching how to pray using Lectio Divina.   Also, the theme-based reading of the bible is very helpful in seeing common threads in God’s message to us as we try to live according to His will.  Highly recommended to everyone.
  • This video series and the corresponding journal help you to practice Lectio Divina. Spend time each week looking at topics such as what does the Bible say about love, sacrifice, faithfulness, etc.

A copy is available to lend out to guys in Lincoln, leave a comment if you are interested.

Be a Man! – Fr. Larry Richards

Feedback from men of our group:

  • The book is good, but Fr. Larry can’t be restrained in the DVD and it is even harder hitting.
  • As usual, Fr. Richards doesn’t hold back. A hard hitting series that gives much to reflect with a straightforward manner that many men would appreciate.
  • Fr. Larry Richards calls guys out, telling them to be a man and live as God has asked us. He touches on numerous topics familiar to most men who are trying to live out their day to day lives. While the book is written much as Fr. Larry talks, the video series gets all his emotion, charisma, and intensity behind it and adds a dimension that is hard to get from print.

  • Caution:  Do not listen to Fr. Larry if you have tendencies of being non-committal, politically-correct, or like making excuses.  Be prepared to be hit squarely between the eyes and have your manhood questioned.  You will be better for it.

We did put together discussion questions and a breakout of the videos to be 30ish minutes. Leave a comment if you are interested.

Oremus – Ascension Press

A quote from a friend about Oremus: “It is a study on prayer. Do you know of it? It was life changing for me! I feel like I really know how to pray now (I must have missed that in the convent or something…).”

That was enough to inspire our group to try Oremus and boy does it do a great job of laying out the basics of prayer (how, different methods, who is moving to whom in prayer, distractions..). Perhaps the biggest benefit, though, is the commitment participants needs to make to the prayer provided in the workbooks.

Guys in our small group loved it.

A copy is available to lend out to guys in Lincoln, leave a comment if you are interested.

Jesus Shock – Peter Kreeft

Discussion questions we put together are here: Chapters 1-3Chapters 4-6

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

Feedback from men of our group:

  • The most common sense explanation of Christianity I have ever read.  Everyone should read this book.  Once a year.  Period.
  • I’m a fan of C.S. Lewis’ apologetic writings, but I have to admit that I was a little skeptical before we read Mere Christianity. Perhaps it was the thought of “Mere” Christianity. But it is a powerful book a blend of philosophy, morality and wit. A great book overall and frankly it is just a dynamite discussion book.

Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week – Pope Benedict XVI

Feedback from men of our group:

  • Pope Emeritus Benedict was given to us at this time to reveal the depth and beauty of our faith.  This book is accessible to all, but will push your intellect while revealing many aspects of Holy Week that likely slip past us each year.  Excellent resource during Lent.
  • This great book gives some very profound reflections on Holy Week’s meaning in whole and individual parts.  It is a great resource to have and I’m excited to read the others in the series.
  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is known for his deep theological insights. This book does not disappoint. A very deep book that will take a lot of time to digest, this look at the events of Holy Week presents profound views of everything from the agony in the garden, to the last supper, to the trial of Jesus. Great Lenten material.

Life of Christ – Fulton J. Sheen

Discussion questions we put together are here:

Chapters 1-8Chapters 9-21Chapters 22-35Chapters 36-47, & Chapters 48-62

Weight of Glory – C.S. Lewis

We used the discussion questions: here

Walking Toward Eternity – Jeff Cavins & Tim Gray

Discussion questions were not maintained. However, the book was well loved by the group.

Journey to Heaven – Randy Hain

Discussion questions we put together are here (however, the ones in the book are quite good):

Journey to Heaven – Chapters 1 – 5Journey to Heaven – Chapters 6 – 11Journey to Heaven – Chapters 12 – end

Other resources (from events outside of our group discussions):

  • Till We Have Faces – C.S. Lewis. Tends to be a book that people either love or hate. Those who dislike tend to not like the story. Those who love it may not love the story, but believe the concepts are provocative. Discussion questions here.
  • Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur – Elisabeth Leseur. A collection of writings, including her personal journal, which detail how a wife’s faith and sacrifices won her atheistic husbands’ soul for Christ. Discussion questions here.
  • Youth Alpha
  • Catholicism
  • The Jesus Lifestyle

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