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Male Friendship

Male Friendship

Really great discussion on Men’s friendship by Fr. Riccardo (as usual). Especially fitting for sharing on here.


Prayer: Just do It

Two sources of food for thought:

As usual, Dr. Kreeft offers great thoughts about the most most important first steps into a prayer life.

And, an older Fr. Riccardo podcast that is a great perspective for men.

Good Book Club

Fr. Riccardo

Fr. Riccardo was on KVSS yesterday (8-12) reflecting on John Chapter 2. Check it out.

Catholicism for Cradle Catholics – Marriage


Fr. Riccardo talk on the Sacrament of Marriage. If you don’t listen to the whole thing, skip to the 56:00 mark for a simple explanation of what we should be striving for with our wives.

Fr. Riccardo Golden Key

One Outline to Rule Them All

Someone did a superb job in organizing all of Fr. Riccardo’s podcasts into an outline format. I guarantee you will find something here that you love.

Fr. Riccardo’s “Fireside Chat” talk

Fr. Riccardo’s “Fireside Chat” talk

Fr. Riccardo reflect on Jesus’ post-Resurrection sea-side chat with the Apostles. Was the “do you love me” triplet of questions the first confession?

Theology of the Body – Fr. Riccardo

15 separate talks

Fr. Riccardo dives into PJPII’s teaching on Theology of the Body in two separate series of talks.

Are we even running?

Fr. John Riccardo – Running the Race

Fr. John Riccardo hits it out of the park with his reflection on Discipleship.